Snowblowers-where is yours made?

As the calendar moves to February, we are in the midst of winter.  There are snow storms everyday throughout the country; and as Americans we buy snow blowers to help us cope with them.  Not only do most snow blowers do a great job, but they’re fun to use. 

As with everything, some are made in America and some are NOT.  If you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot you’ll find several different brands, but you have to be careful about where they’re made.  For example, Husqvarna is a very popular brand that has made huge inroads in the snow blower market, but they’re headquarters is located in Stockholm. Their site isn’t the best and I can’t find whether their products are maufactured in America or not.

It was difficult to find a snow blower made in America, but we did it.  I have a few brands that proudly boast the ‘Made in the USA’ label: Ariens, Honda, Troy Built and Craftsman make the short list. 

Yes, Honda, a Japanese company actually manufactures their snow blowers here in America; they have plants in North Carolina and Georgia.    Ariens HQ is in Wisconsin (appropriate for snow blowers), Craftsman makes theirs in Valley City Ohio and Troy Built is manufactured in Cleveland Ohio. 

Keep this in mind if you’re in the market for a new snow blower.  As always, check the manufacturing label before you buy and let’s keep SUPPORTING AMERICA.  If you like this article and think someone else would benefit from it, please pass along the link.